Blog Writing is All About Content. Nothing More. Nothing Less.

Blog 8Good blog writing depends on content, plain and simple. But what defines “good content” is semantics really. What may be good content for you may not work for someone else and there starts the debate. Yet I think we call agree that content is key and every other aspect of blog writing can be second and on down the list.

So what makes for good content? Well, there lies the argument. Not only will each individual business have their own idea of posts that address personalities, topics, ethics, and needs but blog writing has to marry these concepts with the opinions and perceptions of readers as well. There are so many elements to creating good content that blog writing has become a true art form of creativity and finding that balance.

Here are some of the key elements that make blog posting reach an approving audience and how to effectively manage it:

Insightful and Original. You must always keep in mind when you are blog writing for your readers. Content must be for them. If it’s not then you’re not doing your job. Remember that it’s all about the customer, so any good marketing professional knows it’s all about the customer. Bloggers should keep this in mind when creating content as well.

Blog Writing That Makes an Impact. While everyone is different, there are six basic concepts to delivering good content: entertainment, education, information, debate, news, and community. While this is the condensed version of a broader list of ideas, it hits on the critical concepts that will reach a majority of readers.

Know Your Audience. This is nothing you don’t already know. But are you doing it? If you are currently blog writing, interact with your readers and get their feedback. This can be good information to develop what good content you have delivered in the past and where you’re coming up short.

It’s also important to do a little research, too. Look closely at industry-related forums and communities to see what others are talking about. This can help gauge your content and make your blog writing much more effective.

Be Original. This is a huge challenge. There are thousands upon thousands of other bloggers out there and half of them are writing about the same things you are. They too are trying to develop original content that will reach a target audience and drive traffic to their sites. It’s a tough race but one that, with the right information, you can easily compete.

Be a Standout. If you haven’t started blog writing yet, good. Before you begin, take a look around you and see what your competitors are doing. You’ll soon find that they are all delivering similar content in a similar way. This is a great opportunity to be a standout and break through as something different.

Blog writing is a tricky business. Let the professionals at Susan J. Campbell give you some fresh perspective.

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