Top Tips to Grow Your Social Media Strategy

11304978_mThe best social media strategy is one that brings a good deal and trustworthy endorsements together. Customers look to their friends for feedback on where to find the best deals, especially around the holidays. Coupon campaigns that earn that extra push on social media will not only get more exposure but higher redemption rates.

Here are top tips using couponing campaigns within your social media strategy:

People will share if there’s an incentive. There is no greater gift to a company than that of gab. Word-of-mouth is still the most powerful tool out there. Encourage your fans to share a good deal by posting coupons on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, asking them to refer their friends.

Once codes are redeemed, the original person gets an even better deal. Do you see how that works?

Become exclusive. A good social media strategy must include ways to reach your social audiences all year long. When a customer likes or follows you, give them a coupon. This will initially give you a solid fan base but their “like” will generate another story which will attract more fans.

People like to feel special. Come up with individual promo codes for every user to invoke some exclusivity. Not only are you protected come checkout time but it ensures customers will turn into fans to claim their code. Think about the audience you just created for the next campaign.

Add some mobility. You can’t expect to keep customers if the only way to redeem a coupon is to print it. Mobility should be at the top of your social media strategy. Experts predict more than 10 billion mobile coupons will be circulated in the next year, and continue to grow. Give your fans different options and incorporate some mobile redemption during your campaigns.

The staff at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions can develop a social media strategy that gives your fans access to your coupons and increase your redemption rates. Contact us to get started right away!

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