Top Questions to Help Develop Your Next Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy 5Every once in a while you will need to breathe new life into your content marketing strategy. Content is one of the most important aspects of any successful business plan. Recently Social Media Today talked about top aspects of refreshing your content marketing strategy to get you back on track.

You should ask yourself these basic questions:

Who is my target audience? Content should be directed toward your clients. Even if you already have a basic content marketing strategy in place it needs to be reviewed on a regular basis. Look at whether or not you are still providing solutions for your clients and does your current content match this.

Am I being too general? If your content isn’t being customized to fit the many different clients you have, you are missing a big opportunity. It’s quite simply to tailor content to meet each audience.

What questions are customers asking? Do you get frequent questions about products and services? Use this as an opportunity to answer those questions within your revamped content marketing strategy.

What keywords are bringing people to my website? Create content that matches with the most popular keywords that are driving traffic to your website. People are obviously looking for something specific so give them content that will keep them visiting your site regularly.

What is popular? Take a look through your past content to see what got a lot of attention. That blog that got more than 2,000 shares last year could be something to write about again. Not all content has a shelf life while some can be one-hit wonders. Make a list of both as part of your content marketing plan.

What’s new with me? While it is always important to provide content about your company’s news as far as products and services go, don’t forget about other relevant news. In order to establish yourself as an industry leader you will have to develop a content marketing plan that encompasses your entire industry. Stay abreast on industry topics and create knowledgeable content for your readers.

How am I different from my competitors? Your content always needs to make you stand out. If you clearly understand what makes you different than the other guys, it will be that much easier to illustrate that in your content.

Am I engaging my prospects? Remember that content is the beginning of a conversation. Your content marketing plan should always include opportunities to engage target audiences.

What are you asking of your clients? You may have provided the best content in the world but you need to have a call to action at the end of every single post. Don’t leave it up to the reader to assume what they should do next. Encourage them to download more information or reach out to you.

If you aren’t sure how to answer some of these questions, contact us to help develop a solution for your next content marketing plan. We can help you brainstorm to create a manageable and productive strategy.

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