Monday Morning Coffee with Our Military

Flag 1Teamwork is an important part of any successful work environment. It’s doing your best with what you’ve been tasked, but it’s also appreciating and supporting the contributions of others. SJC’s Alisha Corbet understands the power of teamwork. Her husband Aaron is part of one of our nation’s best examples of teamwork – the U.S. Army.

As a Sargent in the Army Reserves, Aaron has experienced firsthand the strong bond that is forged between fellow servicemen and women. After two years of service Aaron remains motivated and excited about what he does in uniform. As a Human Resources Specialist Aaron helps connect soldiers with needed resources and he enjoys helping fellow soldiers get ‘squared away’. In his job, individual success is measured by how well the many are served.

There’s a strong sense of camaraderie and connection that comes from knowing that your service is benefitting the service of others. Working together, dressing alike and sharing goals larger than themselves builds fraternity – a kinship that soldiers share irrespective of generation. Soldiers young and old, active duty and retired, understand and appreciate one another.

Aaron refers to the Army as a good organization filled with many good people. As citizens of the U.S. we can be thankful that our military is that kind of team. A team of good men and women willing to work hard and sacrifice for things bigger than themselves. We can be grateful that men and women continue to volunteer for the hard things and the hidden things which need to get done in order for us to remain a great nation.

You see these men and women everywhere. Sometimes they are in uniform, sometimes in civilian garb – but always they are standing straight and ready to lend a hand. You don’t have to look far in the world to see that every country is not equally blessed. This week join the team at SJC in saluting and personally thanking members of the military.

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