Do You Make Your Blog Posts Resonate With Readers?

Blog 7It can be difficult to make your blog one that not only attracts readers but keeps them coming back. One the biggest trick is staying abreast on hot topics and social media is one of the best way to do this.

Here are four ways to capture your target audience with information that will resonate with them.

Look for social channels that are performing and monitor them. Even industry leaders can have fluctuating results. You will just need to look at the articles that catch a reader’s eye with strong headlines and convey meaning. Make your blog posts influential and attractive for topics that area clearly doing well in other areas.

For example, if a particular product or service gets 2,000 more likes than another that is a good indicator that you should make your blog posts lean that direction.

Listening to your community is a simple way to make your blog a hit. Topics that are influencing your readers are key. Ask them what they’d like to see and make your blog posts reflect that. Don’t start the conversation with a general question like, “What would you like to read next?” Be more specific, very specific.

And don’t forget to further engage your audience by encouraging them to provide feedback at the end. Then, make you blog posts a response to their feedback. This alone could provide quite a few posts that will garner quite a bit of response with likes and shares.

Research your own Facebook page. More often than not you can find an abundance of relative topics at the top of your feed. This is an obvious place to search for material to make your blog posts all about your followers.

You can take this a step further by looking to see if there are any common threads among comments to garner more topics. When you make your blog all about your readers you not only gain followers but become an industry leader and a valuable source for information.

Find out if your Tweets are marketable. Use a simple Twitter tool like Sprout Social to measure which of your Tweets are getting the most attention. This is another obvious way to find topics for another series of blogs.

These are great places to start but contact us to make your blog have a sense of purpose and create a plan to continue you down a path of success.

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