Are You Creating Content That’s Going No Where?

Content Marketing 5Did you ever stop and wonder why the wheel was created? Probably not. It seems like almost overnight we’ve understood the importance of tweeting and posting to social media. Most of us have even become experts at creating content that delivers information to our audiences but do any of us really understand why?

Having a clearer understanding as to why creating content is so important can possibly drive more people to us than simply solving the how dilemma. Do you know why they started following you in the first place? Go back to the beginning of your social media campaigns and find out if there were an deals or promises that drove the most traffic to your site. Continue through your posts and look for exclusivity, deals, promotions or any other reason that caught a complete stranger’s attention. Are you delivering those things that first attracted them?

Is there anything about your industry that you are not touching on? This can be a big let down for some followers who may have been drawn to you for this reason alone. If you are a pet company then you should be creating content that focuses on all things pets, right? You’d be surprised how often businesses owners lose sight of that simple focus as time goes on and the world of social media becomes a bit foggy.

There is a psychological need for people to take action when there is a subconscious yearning for fulfillment. Creating content with this idea in mind is key to connecting with your communities. If you take a personal and emotional approach to interacting with your follows you can tap into an entirely new market. Empower them. Show them your business’s innovation and the best way to use your products and services.

In order to do this well you will need to understand your audience and the best way to do this is to cross reference demographic data and research. Individual personas can easily represent the important members of your community so creating content that focuses on each of these is key.

Would any your followers think of you when they aren’t logged in? Companies don’t make their money in social media networking but by social media networking. Money is made outside of Twitter and Facebook so it’s critical to develop a brand that stands out. A social presence is important by creating content that keeps them connected so if you are that pet company, know that people are coming to you because they just lost a pet, love their pet or saw a neighbor walking a pet that looks like one they had. There are all sorts of reasons that drive traffic.

This is why creating content is so important to connect and establish relationships with your audience. We have the experts to guide you. If you are that pet company, we can help you develop help for those grieving over a lost pet and maybe some options for how to bury a furry friend or develop content that can help them find sources to adopting or purchasing a new pet. Contact us to develop a plan to get you reconnected.

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