Social Media Statistics and How They Influence Marketing

Social Media 2We are all aware of the growth in social media and there are several different reasons to pay attention to this growth. Today, we want to provide a few statistics from 2013 about social media.

Facebook isn’t shy about promoting their nearly one billion strong user base. The interesting fact comes when we find out that about 200 million users are mobile-only. This gives us an idea of the importance of mobile friendly content. More and more people are moving away from computers, in the traditional sense. They are using smartphones and tablets more often and thus creating the need to provide an app on each of the major platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Windows based smartphones.

Did you know that YouTube has now become more popular than cable television? We know that sounds a little bit shocking, but numbers don’t lie. Those who watch YouTube on a regular basis has now grown beyond the number of people who watch television. Online video consumption is rising, and quickly. This lends itself to the opportunity to use sites like YouTube and other online video resources to promote your business.

We all know that when it comes to social media platforms, there are favorites. Facebook has always been the top-dog and research states that more than 95 percent of Facebook users log in every single day. Twitter sits at 60 percent and LinkedIn at a lowly 30 percent. This doesn’t mean that these platforms are not useful and beneficial to your business; it just means that you have to be aware of the best times to post your content in order to receive the biggest impact.

International Facebook users are triple the population of the United States. The phenomenon of globalization has only grown with sites like Facebook and Twitter. Companies can expand their reach through the use of social media. This opens up the target market opportunity and means that organizations can reach out to their customers directly through the internet.

This is just the beginning of the growth of social media. Imagine how it will continue to grow and the possibilities that will come with it. It might sound overwhelming, but that’s where Susan J. Campbell can step in. We are happy to utilize the various social media platforms to help your business grow.

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2 Responses to Social Media Statistics and How They Influence Marketing

  1. smithnews84 says:

    Well said; i agree with you. Even these things are not very much beneficial to grow your business. But, it can make a big impact of the consumers you’ve got. As you take in a positive way, you can reach the consumers in a easy way of advertising or posting it over the social media.

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