Branding Strategies Learned from LEGO

How did a company with a foundation in simple plastic building blocks survive the digital age? The LEGO brand certainly took its knocks, but through innovative branding strategies, it has managed to thrive.

LEGO was nearly bankrupt in 2003 after its market shares began to dwindle in the late 1990s. LEGO had lost its cool factor long before, being replaced by video games and a variety of other more technologically advanced toys. By 2003, the administrators at LEGO knew they had to shake things up if the LEGO legacy would remain in tact.

Their first attempts were fairly disastrous and didn’t produce the desired results. LEGO finally began pulling it together when they began to focus on goals, the right ones. One major goal was quality. They began to listen to the LEGO community andLego 1 find out what they wanted.  They focused on concepts, community and execution. Through this approach they were able to establish a new generation of products that sparked interest in consumers.

LEGO found out that a branding strategy doesn’t have to stray from past successes. LEGO was able to make minor adjustments to existing products, some of them being core products that were the foundation of the company.

LEGO even embraced the hackers that altered the LEGO community software. This happened with Mindstorm, a LEGO community product involving software. After the company embraced the community that was thriving because of the hack, the product’s popularity grew.

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