Is Social Media Marketing For Everyone

We know it can sound pretty risky; there are a lot of challenges when it comes to social media marketing for any business. It gets even more challenging when considering some of the regulations your company might face.

Regulations may sound like something you don’t want to mess with, but we can give you this one good reason why you should:

It generates relationships and builds trust.

Here are four broad ways that any organization can be successful in doing this:

  1. Personal: Make the effort, reach out, extend that inner circle.
  2. Transparency: When leaders within the company are made available, it can build a kind of trust that you just can’t replicate without social media there to help.
  3. Quality: Producing valuable content and building a solid network is going to help create relationships with your audience.
  4. Building, together: Being able to ask questions and gather insight can make your customers feel like they are part of your organization; with that feeling comes trust and relationships.

For the most part numbers one, two, and four come quite naturally when communicating with other individuals. It’s that number three that we get hung up on, right?

Here are six categories of social media marketing content for companies to consider:

  1. Don’t just offer broad advice to your customer. Dig a little deeper and provide substance in your content.
  2. Even experts read to maintain their knowledge. Give your audience a glimpse at some of the things your experts are reading.
  3. Connect with your customers through a shared passion. Do you love the fact that the Chiefs are undefeated this season? Brag on them for a little bit. Are you passionate about fighting cancer? Share your story.
  4. Remind your audience of the good you do within the community.
  5. Respond to the customer. Engagement is a huge part of building relationships and trust.
  6. Make sure what you’re saying about yourself and your brand is interesting, funny, and relevant.

Overall, it’s about being genuine and honest. When you meet someone for the first time, it takes a little while but eventually you hit on a subject that you both enjoy. From that one conversation, a friendship builds and before you know it you are reminiscing, ten years later, about that very first conversation.

Let SJC help you build a relationship worthy of reminiscing! We love to help our clients build meaningful relationships with their clients.

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