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Find the Followers

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Give Your Social Media Marketing a Push

The first step to getting the momentum you need for your social media marketing to work is obviously a plan. Gather your market information (enter your brand and marketing strategies), create and compile powerful content, and determine roles. These are … Continue reading

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Marketing Strategy Lessons From an Unlikely Source

You use this every day, probably twice a day. If you’re a rule-follower and very meticulous, you might even use this three times a day. Have you guessed what it is yet? It is a toothbrush – and you can … Continue reading

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Your Brand Story Establishes Loyalty

Everyone has a story to tell. The seemingly most uninteresting person in the room has a story somewhere in their past that will compel the average person. Like people, all businesses have a story to tell. When offering these “brand” … Continue reading

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The Key to Internet Marketing – Diversification

Jumping into Internet marketing is best accomplished taking a planned approach. A poorly executed attempt can actually create a negative impact, and it can happen easily if you’re tackling a multi-channel strategy. Websites need careful tweaking, as do the articles, … Continue reading

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Pinterest: The New News Feed?

Experts are reporting that Pinterest has been gaining ground for more than just where to find your next Crockpot meal. Though Facebook and Twitter still own the game as far as sharing news goes, it looks like Pinterest isn’t too … Continue reading

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How Netflix Rescued its Brand

The year 2011 started off on the wrong foot for Netflix. Their stock lost half its value in just three months and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was even named the worst CEO of the year by the New York Times. … Continue reading

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