What You Need to Focus on When Starting Your Own Blog

One of the best ways to direct traffic to your website in a highly credible way is to Blog 12include a high-quality, high-content blog. It not only brings traffic your way, it also helps to establish online credibility.

A survey of bloggers and marketers shows that the most powerful blogs offer trustworthy information with links to reputable, high-traffic sources. Nearly 70 percent of those taking part in the survey agreed that a blog establishes credibility to a website. What makes a blog credible? Respondents answered “quality” first and foremost. When the blog contains useful information, users are more likely to return again and again.

The web experience relies on quality, which includes aesthetic quality. Users may not know anything about design, but they know when a page is difficult to navigate, and they won’t return. Maybe they can’t pinpoint exactly what is displeasing to the eye, but it will be enough to prevent them from returning, which is why the second most important aspect of blogging is the design of the page.

Starting your own blog takes a lot of planning and research. Planning for the future should include having a blueprint of what will be contributed to the blog for months out. Regular publication keeps the blog and the web page topical, current and valid. All blogs should link to social media sites as well, and by staying on top of regular blogging, the social media pages will also reflect that activity and keep “likers” interested in joining the conversation.

Facebook is currently the most important social network to add credibility to a blog. LinkedIn is second while Twitter is third. These channels offer a medium by which people who like what is being said in your blogs can share with others, thus driving more traffic your way.

Starting your own blog is something Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions can help you accomplish. With a staff of writers producing quality content, and a graphic designer producing professional pages, it’s an all-inclusive solution to driving more traffic to your site.


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