Top Companies Demonstrate How Social Media Tools Are a Part of Successful Marketing Strategies

11613956_mSocial media continues to pick up steam. The platforms are numerous and they continue to provide an excellent opportunity to companies ready to leverage their broad reach. The biggest boy on the social media block is Facebook with over 1 billion users. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others also offer businesses a fast
and effective way to reach out to an enormous audience. Here are just a handful of examples of how brand names are putting social media tools to work.

1. Southwest Airlines
To get people to book flights and consider their airline first when planning
travel, Southwest developed a fall flight campaign called Wanna Get Away. People
who were fans of Southwest on social media received a code (LUV2LIKE) that
unlocked access to 50 percent discounts on tickets during the fall promotion. The
campaign is sure to keep people checking the Southwest sites for future deals.

2. Hertz
Once people land, they need to rent a car and Hertz used social media to get
people to interact with their brand through the use of coupons and discounts. The
marketing campaign was called Share It Up and encouraged viewers to share the
deals with their family and friends. Just about one half of those who saw the
coupons did so.

3. Ikea
This furniture company used social media tools to promote sales. The brand developed an interactive catalogue that shoppers enjoyed and encouraged them to post their experience with Ikea products which drove even more sales.

4. Burger King
Here’s a case of turning a problem into a promotion. Last year, hackers got
into the BK Twitter account and managed to change out the Burger King logo for
the McDonald’s logo. Once the hoopla started to fizzle, BK picked up 30,000 new
followers as a result.

5. Oreo
Facebook and its more than a billion users were bound to run into this brand
because the company advertised heavily there last year. This year they are
ramping up their presence on Tumblr.

Big name companies are connecting with customers on social media. You can too.
With a little bit of expert guidance from Susan J Campbell Copywriting Solutions
your business can begin to reap the benefits of marketing through social media.
Give us a call today.

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