Social Media Marketing: 2014 Predictions For the New Year

Marketing professionals are always looking for ways to reach out to new consumers and social media is an extremely popular choice in achieving this. What can we expect in social media marketing in the new year?

More brands will put as much emphasis on their social media presence as they do on their corporate website. Coca-Cola went as far to say that the corporate website is dead. Why? Because most corporate websites don’t offer a place for interaction, which is what social media is all about. People have come to expect interaction online and corporate websites historically have not done this. Social Social Media Marketing 2media marketing will take a front seat.

Managing the social media presence is sometimes a total nightmare, but brands need to be daring enough to generate some buzz online and social media is the fastest, most efficient place to do that. The people behind the brand need to show that they’re interested in the product through social media, but hopefully not as much as the Taco Bell employee who posted a photo on Facebook depicting him licking a customer’s taco.

Marketers know that people today are completely tethered to their mobile devices, which is what prompted some of them to invest time and money in building a native app. The problem many of these brands have discovered is that getting them noticed among the hundreds of thousands of other apps is difficult. So is updating them and fixing bugs. Marketers will instead put more effort into mobile ad products on social media channels. Perhaps even Twitter will offer up more diverse mobile sponsored products?

It’s not all about Facebook, either. Teenagers are not using Facebook as much as they once did. Now, they’ve got Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Tumblr to visit. In 2014, marketers will continue to expand their view and invest more social media marketing time on sites across many platforms.

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