Monday Morning Coffee: Merry Christmas From Our Team to You

Merry Christmas 1It’s that time of year again. You know, the only time it’s really fun to get mail because everyone is sending Christmas letters and you get to catch up on what family and friends have been doing all year. Who can forget those letters from Great Aunt Kathy, giving an update of her year by way of a “Christmas” acrostic poem? This year, Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions is happy to share 2013’s highlights with you. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, but what’s more, we’re thrilled for our clients and the exciting things that are happening in their businesses since opening their marketing avenues with us.

What would our Christmas letter look like?

We’d probably brag about all of the places we’ve traveled, well virtually travelled.

Considering that we help our clients spread the word about their services all over the country, we’ve technically traveled all over this year. Throughout the U.S. and even across the world, SJC clients are assisted by a team of professionals working together to develop brand and marketing strategies, social media management and online content creation. Whether it’s a blog, article, brochure, news release, case study, white paper, social media management or comprehensive marketing campaign, we have sent our clients right where they need to be to reach their target audience.

We would boast about our jobs.

And who could blame us? Not only do we get the pleasure of working with like-minded, talented people, we all have a lot in common. We love to talk. We love to write. We love to bounce ideas off of each other in a flurry of brainstorming. We all love working for a company that puts family first and we all share a love of coffee. Can you see why we love coming to work? Working for a company who saw a 700 percent growth this year has its perks.

We would talk about the highlights of our year.

Experience and expertise in the fields of marketing, copywriting and social media is how SJC has helped several nonprofits and small businesses enhance their services, increase their bottom line and reach their goals. We even had the pleasure of adding three new faces to our team this year. Alisha Corbett, the wearer of many hats, including editorial calendar extraordinaire and the one who schedules our social media posts, keeps us organized. Rebekah Young came on board to take our clients’ social media presence to a whole new level, specializing in engagement and Jen Herron joined our team to help us expand our reach to new regions and lend her marketing talents wherever she can. They join the rest of our team including our creative marketing specialist, project coordinator, designer, writers and support staff  to work together to accomplish all that we did this year.

Like every great Christmas card, we would probably share photos of our happiest moments. You could expect to see us at our laptops, typing away about a new client we are excited about or sending emails regarding brand strategies, directory articles and keyword analysis. We also find time to help pet lovers show off their outstanding fur pals and challenge home decor enthusiasts to share their creations. We might even be brainstorming ways for us to eat cupcakes during our weekly team meetings and call it “research.”

Our Christmas card would end with a sincere message about how much we love what we do and what an amazing year 2013 has been for Susan J Campbell Copywriting Solutions, LCC. We love writing, sharing and planning so that our clients can do what they do best: shine.

Let us be a part of your 2014. Call Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions today to see how we can help take your nonprofit organization or small business further in the year ahead.

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