Monday Morning Coffee from Our SJC Retreat

SJC.TeamWhen someone utters the words “team building activity,” the images of outdoor trust falls gone wrong often pop into our heads, and some of us may wonder a) how we have time for a retreat and b) what activities we can do together that don’t involve bodily injury, or a forest, to help us bond together as a team. However, team building events can definitely be done right! (Indoors).

Starting on Sunday, we left for a mini-retreat and team-building event complete with fun games, good food, and a whole lot of laughter. It all began with a simple exercise with post-it notes and grew into a good discussion about what we can learn about different ways to handle the high-paced environment that goes hand-in-hand with our industry. We had to race to put together puzzles and struggled through the adversity that hit us. (Here is the SJC Tip of the Day: Puzzles on carpet don’t work that well. Also, when your boss switches a few pieces, it leaves you slightly confused!)

Throughout the night, there were several games and questions that involved us finding out more about each other. We were asked questions like, “What did you always want to be when you grew up?,” which gave us insight into various dreams and goals that we all have as individuals. It’s amazing to see just how enlightening a few simple questions can be – and how our skills and desires make us a strong, savvy and well-balanced mix, qualities to look for in any type of marketing service team.

Our next challenge is to take what we learned from all our conversations last night and buy a gift for someone on our team. Check out our Instagram and Facebook for some fun pictures of our team in action! Today, SJC recommends that you embark on even a mini-retreat with your team. You may be surprised what you learn, and it will be time well-spent even in the midst of ongoing deadlines.

How does your team draw closer together? Share some thoughts with us.

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4 Responses to Monday Morning Coffee from Our SJC Retreat

  1. Ronny Jo says:

    Sounds like you ladies had fun! Glad it was a successful retreat!

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