Mobile Marketing Strategies Will See a Boost in 2014

Consumers have gone mobile. According to a Pew Research study in June, about 60 percent of Americans now own smartphones. It’s no longer just the business executive that’s tethered to their information stream – the common consumer has a constant connection. What does this mean for mobile marketing in the coming year?

Successful companies are constantly reevaluating their marketing approach, which given the rate at which technology changes today – it’s a smart approach for every company to take. Mobile strategies are now becoming the norm and will continue to reach new levels in 2014.

What’s first on the list? Mobile applications that can be developed quickly, easilyMobile Marketing 1 and without a lot of cost are one of the most advantageous ways to fully grasp mobile marketing. This process takes planning and a connection to the right developer to keep the costs down. However, most companies are finding consumers increasingly expecting an app for everything, so it’s worth the effort to give them what they want.

While developing an app for the Apple or Windows phones, simultaneously work on getting your website restructured so it’s more mobile-friendly. People on the go who want full-site access will enjoy and will expect it out of your website, even if you have an app.

SMS marketing is something that more organizations will embrace in 2014. As Millennials age and become a more vital part of the economy, their needs must be considered. Millennials are massive texters.

This generation is described as being “always on” and quite fond of texting as opposed to talking on their phones. Aside from Millenials being proponents of SMS texting, the average consumer is also able to receive your company’s promotional texts the instant you send them.

Building a mobile marketing strategy takes some expertise. Don’t do it all on your own – team up with Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions and get it done right the first time.

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