Monday Morning Coffee: Windy Wine Co. & How We Know They Have Great Wine.

windywineThe Chamber’s 94th Annual Banquet was held a few weeks ago; it was a wonderful event with a fun 1920’s theme. From the SJC Team, Susan, Rachel, Jen, and Rebekah attended, ready for an evening of quality information about the Chamber and the community. It was a cherry on top to know that there would be good food and great conversations.

The minute we found our table, Jen discovered a bottle of Windy Wine Co. wine was sitting at our table. According to her, it was “the best wine ever!” We began chatting with friends and acquaintances, before we knew it the event was starting. As we made our way back to our table, we see a girl swapping wines with our table. You guessed it, the Windy Wine Co. bottle that was replaced with another wine!

As we began chatting with those at our table, it was discovered that someone knew the wine-thief and went over to tell her “we know what you did.” There was a lot of laughter, apologies from everyone, and sharing of the “stolen” wine. A few minutes later, we had another surprise: Kraig and Becky Keesaman were sitting at our table!

Kraig and Becky are the owners of Windy Wine Co. and we began to gush about their wonderful wine. It wasn’t only the taste that was impressive. It was the packaging. It was the fact that someone would switch bottles, just to have their wine that evening. It was the kindness and humility displayed by Kraig and Becky. And it was their outstanding knowledge and desire to produce a unique and delicious product to their customers.

We went to the Chamber event expecting one thing and came away with a whole new knowledge about Windy Wine Co., wine, and vinology. We also realized that it was amazing that this small wine company in St. Joseph, Missouri could have the reputation they do. The Keesaman’s are committed to producing an excellent product, and their fans know it. This is an important lesson to learn from Windy Wine. Produce excellence and you will have people coming to you.

It was great meeting you, Kraig and Becky! And it was great getting the opportunity to try your seriously delicious wine. If you haven’t tried it yet, try some soon.

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