Press Play On Social Media Videos

If you are in the loop of the social media world, chances are you have noticed that social media videos are the new kid on the block.Video 1

From funny cat videos to quick product demonstrations, videos are popping up everywhere. But how effective can a six second video actually be? According to a recent study by Google, apparently, they’re plenty powerful. Social media videos are a fairly new trend that gained popularity with the release of Vine, an app owned by Twitter, which allows users to upload, edit and share short videos within minutes. Instagram joined the craze when it added its own video option as well.

Instagram alone has 150 million monthly users. Combined with the 40 million registered users on Vine, the potential for businesses to reach consumers is an opportunity that is hard to pass up. The increase in mobile audiences, plus the astronomical amount of time users are spending online makes social media the ultimate consumer outreach portal.

According to surveys, brands are paying attention to the trend of social media videos. A study by Google found that advertisers increased their spending on mobile videos last year by 1,300 percent.

So why are videos jumping ahead in the game so quickly? The most noticeable advantage that social media videos have over television is time. On average, a typical television campaign could take months to finalize and digital campaigns take weeks to execute. But thanks to the practically real-time convenience of apps like Vine, brands can shoot, edit and share a video about their product in minutes. Not only can they share their own specialized content quickly, they are also seconds away from engaging with their followers’ content as well.

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