Monday Morning Coffee with Sweet Wishes Cakery

Have you ever walked into a new store and just immediately thought “I just want to stay here forever.” ? That’s the feeling you get when you walk into the doors of Sweet Wishes Cakery in Savannah, MO.

Maybe it’s the sparkling chandeliers, maybe it’s the adorable pictures of babies smashing cakes that hang on the walls, or mostly likely, it’s the delicious smell of icing and the smiling baker and owner, Shiela Dillman.

Shiela was the latest victim of the SJC team’s Cupcake Wars  and boy, did she deliver.

CupcakesOne of the things Sheila mentioned as she presented her cupcakes for the cupcake challenge was that she had a Facebook page for her business but wasn’t so sure she was doing it justice because she didn’t have time to post and interact with customers on a regular basis. She mentioned she would love to have more time to respond to her customers, post fun polls or pictures and create a place for her customers to go and learn more about what Sweet Wishes Cakery has to offer.

But when you are a business owner who makes cookies, cupcakes, cake pops and custom-designed cakes for all occasions, there’s a good chance you have enough on your cake already.

So of course Shiela’s dilemma got the team at SJC brainstorming. How can we help a busy business owner, whose greatest source of interaction with her customers is online, find the time to use social media effectively?

First we’d sit down with Shiela (over a red velvet cupcake, of course) and really get to know her and her vision for her company. We’d develop a brand strategy based on her vision and the overall goal of communication she needs to reach her consumers. And then we’d talk about the fun stuff: how to get people in the doors of her adorable, cheerful pink cakery. A social media strategy would be at the top of the list – interactive and interesting content on Facebook; scheduling of the posts, the pictures and the interaction;  commenting back with her customers and making sure connections for potential orders were followed up on.

So there you have it, SJC’s recipe for a successful online presence for Sweet Wishes Cakery. It’s no peanut butter cup frosting, but it just might do the trick!

For more information about how we can add the perfect ingredients to your social media plan, contact the team at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions today.

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