Monday Morning Coffee: How SJC Justifies Eating Cupcakes for Breakfast

There are many things companies can do to get customers in their doors. But what happens AFTER they’ve sent their products home with them? One of the most important aspects of marketing is customer feedback.

Recently, members of the SJC team indulged in cupcakes during our Wednesday Team meeting. And no, it’s not our normal routine to eat dessert for breakfast, but when it comes to market research, we can make anything work!

Our plan for bringing cupcakes to the meeting was to gather the best of the best, so we contacted local bakeries in St. Joseph and asked if they would share their favorites with us. In turn, we would hold a contest, judging each business’s product based on taste, originality and presentation. The winning bakery would be featured on our blog.

But then we got to thinking, this is actually a great reminder to small businesses: it’s so important to engage with your customers not to just get them to buy your product, but to find out if that product met their needs.

Here’s our advice to the cupcake places of the world: Yes you want your customers to be impressed with your cupcake when they pick them up and they look like this (courtesy of Small Cakes):

New Picture (1)

But most importantly, you want to know what they think after the cupcakes look like this:

New Picture (2)

So what can businesses do to increase their customer feedback? Consider these tips:

  • Make sure they know to “check in” on Facebook while they are at your business. Once they check in, that activity will show up on their wall and encourage them to share their opinions about their experience.
  • Show off your social media presence. The most convenient and effective way customers can share their feedback is through sites likes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so it is vital that your customers know how to connect. Consider putting your profile names or product name with a hashtag on menus and packaging.
  • Engage with your customers: Once your customers have engaged with you on social media, it is important to talk back. People love to hear from businesses. Thanking them for their patronage, liking their posts, sharing them with your followers will make your customers feel good, plus the more people talking on social media about your product, the better! A simple “like” or “favorite” goes a long way in social media!

The professionals at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions are passionate about helping businesses tap into their target audience, so contact us today to find how you can start conversations with your customers.

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