Social Media Platforms for Non-Profits: Which is Right for You?

Deciding which of the social media platforms your organization should jump on is Social Media Marketing 2a difficult decision. It can make it even harder when you’re a nonprofit organization.

There are several marketing challenges that are unique to nonprofits. From figuring out which platform hosts the majority of your target market to which option provides the best outcomes at the most frugal price.

According to Eileen Brown, Facebook consistently beats all other platforms, by quite a large margin. Eighty-two percent of the organizations who responded to her survey stated they use Facebook as their main social media platform. The next most commonly used platform was Twitter, sitting at 54 percent of respondents. That’s a pretty large gap.

Why is Facebook so great for nonprofits?

1. Great access to behind-the-scenes
When it comes to a great brand, we know it is all about the emotional connection. Gathering and posting to Facebook the behind-the-scenes photos and video clips is a great way to make this connection with your target audience.

2. Use of tabs
Tabs on Facebook is a simple and quick way to create mini-web pages. It gets the information to your audience and also lessens the number of pages they have to go through before reading the important stuff.

Links to articles
Facebook is an avenue to collect and post all of the articles relevant to your organization. Again, means less work for your audience and means they are more likely to read them.

But don’t forget to take into consideration that while Facebook is a powerhouse, Twitter and YouTube are excellent ways to get your organization’s message to your audience. With 54 percent on Twitter and 42 percent on YouTube, there might just be something to these other social media platforms.

If you’re looking into social media platforms for your organization, give Susan J. Campbell a call today. We’re ready to see what platforms will work the best for you, put together a plan, and reach out to the community around us.

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