Monday Morning Coffee With Maurices

Maurices 1Can you imagine having a brand so well-known that you don’t have to advertise? It seems impossible. And maybe it is, considering that the companies in the big leagues that don’t need to pay for traditional advertising are tough to beat. For example, Coco-Cola doesn’t get you to crack open their soda by television ads but they do get your attention by sponsoring some of the biggest events in the nation and worldwide, like the Olympics and the Super Bowl.

On a smaller scale, Krispie Kreme is letting their customers talk for them. They aren’t on your television or in the newspaper ads, but they love showing videos of grand openings on their Youtube channel or showing off scrumptious pictures on Facebook. They’ve covered a lot of valuable bases just by using social media.

Closer to home, St. Joseph has a well-known retailer that made a huge impact to a roomful of 80 Chamber of Commerce members last Thursday when a representative explained that her business doesn’t pay for traditional advertising either. However, they don’t have a global reputation to help, nor did she mention social media. Her company uses a marketing strategy from the good old days: word of mouth.

Jeni Turner is the new manager of Maurices, a trendy fashion retailer inside the St. Joseph East Hills Mall. She told the crowd that Maurices encourages its managers to use community outreach programs, volunteer opportunities and networking to spread the news about their brand. It’s an impressive plan that solidifies a brand’s presence in its community and gives a friendly face to remember instead of just a logo.

Maurices doesn’t just set up mannequins in the cities they are in. They plants roots in the community. Each year, Maurices employees helped support 4,000 events in their hometowns by encouraging employees to host food drives or put together care packages for locals who are in the service.

There is a valuable lesson to be learned from Maurices marketing strategy. Yes, they have active social media pages (just check out the outfit inspiration on Pinterest!) but the friendliness and sense of community the employees portray is worth much more than advertising dollars could ever buy.

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