Do You Want More From Your Social Media Content?

It’s extremely important to provide more than just great social media content bySocial Media 8 creating an active presence on the different platforms. Often times, it can be difficult to find the time that is necessary to keep up the activity. Here are some simple ways to build up your presence:

  1. Focus on One Platform Multiple networks can be hard to manage. It is better to do one thing really well, than to do four things half-way. Create social media content for one platform and build that following there by being active.
  2. Make Time for It Getting notifications for each new interaction can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you’re doing social media correctly. Again, concentrating on one thing and doing it well is better than trying to fumble through the notifications while in the middle of a meeting. Set aside even 15 minutes each day to respond to followers.
  3. Social Media and Customer Service Play Well Together If your customer service strategy hasn’t incorporated social media, and vice versa, then you need to update your strategy. A lot of businesses are using Twitter and other social media platforms to answer customer’s questions.
  4. Measure Your Content The plus to only being on one platform (see number one), is that it is a lot easier to measure the social media content you are pushing out. Be sure to take a few minutes to evaluate what types of posts were shared and liked; did your followers click the links you provided? This will help you know what type of social media content you should create next.

Social media content creation can seem overwhelming at times. With Susan J. Campbell, you never have to worry about your content. We get to know you, your brand, and your customers before we start creating social media content. Contact us today and free up some time to focus on your brand!

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