Exploding Jelly Beans and Content Marketing: A Perfect Match

Have you ever wondered what brand strategies and marketing have in common with jelly beans? When it comes to planning out your content marketing, takingCandy Crush 1 inspiration from Candy Crush Saga might just be the smartest move you can make.

The goal of great content is to give your consumer content worth remembering. You want to provide information they feel is practically tangible. To do that effectively, Candy Crush’s app focuses on delivering very simple content in a flashy way. Also, because the information is presented in a visually pleasing way, it not only grabs attention, but it keeps the interest peaked throughout the consumer’s experience.

Candy Crush is a success because not only is it entertaining, but consumers get joy from the incentives that keep them coming back for more. They also begin to realize that each time they play, there is a new graphic element, plus the changing levels keep them interested. If you break down all of the tactics Candy Crush Saga creators use to make their product so popular, you can recognize why it is successful. Here are some tactics inspired by Candy Crush Saga to add to your content marketing plan:

  1. Create original content that sets you apart. Offer your consumer thought-provoking content they haven’t seen before. Putting your own original twist on the content you share will always set you apart from the pack.
  2. Give your consumers a reason to keep coming back. Loyalty is a brand’s best friend. Adding an incentive or a guarantee that your consumers can count on seeing when they interact with you, whether is it on your blog or website, is a sure fire way that you can be confident will bring your consumers back.
  3. Integrate a strong social media strategy to act as a vehicle for your content. Prompting your consumers to share your content with their friends and family is a lucrative-and free- way to distribute your content to the masses.

It is safe to say that content marketing does not, in fact, have much in common with exploding jelly beans. However, the addictive content is a tool every brand should use. At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, we love candy AND content marketing so contact us today and let’s start brainstorming ways to take your content marketing plan to the next level.

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