How to Build the Foundation of Strong Brand Strategies

Trust 1Developing a strong brand strategy for your business may seem like a daunting task, but with a clear message and a target audience in mind, your brand strategy will write itself. In fact, with the right elements, brand strategies repeatedly prove to be the most powerful tool in your marketing plan. You may wonder how to tailor your brand strategy to cover both the needs of your company and what your consumers want to hear? The answer is simple: stick to the basics.

Susan Beebe, Tyson Food’s Manager of Social Media. says that the goal of her company’s social media branding is to tell their story and engage their consumers. She explains that they can accomplish both of those goals using a brand strategy that follows a few key elements:

Keep It Short & Sweet: People are on the move these days, so to get their attention, your brand’s best bet it to be as mobile as they are. Clear, concise messages that are available whether your consumer is at home or standing in the grocery aisle will guarantee that your information is convenient and useful.

2. Make It Impactful: How do you make a lasting impression? The possibilities are endless but the one that matters most is being unique. Your brand has the best chance and making an impact on your target audience when you offer content that is fresh, thought-provoking and original.

3. Be Interactive: Offer your consumer ways to start conversations, both with your brand and to their peers. Create content that has a clear call to action as well as something useful that is worth your consumer’s time to read, engage and share with others. Encourage them to ask questions, answer polls and give feedback. Go further by making that engagement worthwhile by talking back and providing answers for your consumers.

Your brand strategy is your chance to tell your story and grow your message to share with consumers. These tips are a great starting point to making your brand shine,  The professionals at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions have the tools to develop a brand strategy with you that will cover all the bases, so contact us today and let’s start brainstorming ways to make you shine.

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