The Third Annual Year of Mobile Marketing

Branding Strategies 3The third time is the charm, right? The phenomenon of mobile marketing has been gaining speed since 2012. Businesses are now seeing as many as one out of every five online purchases made from a mobile device.

According to the Strategy Program Director at IBM, Jay Henderson, this is the year that will push companies into mobile marketing. However, the tough part of predicting when the adoption will be full blown is that typically it’s not noticeable until after it has already occurred.

The exciting part about where mobile marketing is right now is that there are so many companies that haven’t gotten on board quite yet. These companies are still taking baby steps into this world. The best way to get into mobile marketing is by jumping in and blending the mobile experience with the store experience. This can be done in a variety of ways, but two of the best are:

  1. Asking customers to check-in at the store using their mobile device. This will increase the business’ mobile marketing, while giving customers the opportunity to participate as well.
  2. Posting photos of the store in action is another great way to pull together mobile marketing and the in-store experience.

Greg Stuart, the Global CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association, says that the best way to get involved in mobile marketing is by having someone who is committed to change and is educated in all areas of marketing, especially mobile.

If you are ready to dive into mobile marketing, Susan J. Campbell is just the company to help you. We are committed to making the correct changes for your company and we definitely know our way around mobile marketing!

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