SEO Writing is Key to a Successful Business

SEO 6Search engine-optimization is imperative to a successful business, and the majority of SEO professionals (71 percent) would agree. Over half of the practitioners would say that it has become even more vital this year than last.

When it comes to SEO writing, what are some of the most important things to keep in mind? Here are four solid tips to help increase your SEO ranking:

  1. Take a page or content based approach to SEO writing. This basically means that unique, quality content will attract attention. It can seem to be a difficult task when you know you are working in an industry with a lot of competition. However, with the changes that are being made to the Google (and other search engine) algorithms, the content-based approach will continue to be your friend.
  2. Know the impact of the content when it comes to traffic and conversion. This can be done through a simple analytics platform. Google Analytics is the most well-known platform, but there are other ways to track your social traffic. Having the knowledge of where your traffic comes from and what outlets are sending the best traffic is only going to help your SEO writing.
  3. Learn how to group pages in a way that will make sense to the customer. You know that grouping keywords in a logical fashion is extremely important. The same thing holds true for your web pages. It needs to make sense to the mind of the customer. Have you ever been to a Wal-Mart and thought to yourself, “I would definitely put the bath towels with the shower curtains, not with the kitchen towels”? Be sure to think like your customer when putting information together.
  4. Measure the impact of keywords before, during, and after you begin writing with SEO in mind. Keywords have always had a huge impact on SEO writing, but it is increasingly becoming important to measure what keywords are trending. It comes back to knowing what your customer is searching for.

Are you ready to take your SEO writing to the next level? Contact Susan J. Campbell today and find out how we can ensure that you have quality, unique content with excellent, trending keywords.

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