Monday Morning Coffee with Rolling Hills Auto: How Blogs Rev Up Website Traffic

Rolling Hills Auto 1What’s the one thing that can put horsepower behind a website? The secret is a little thing called a blog. Many assume businesses can’t offer enough content to host a blog about a product that keeps consumers interested enough to keeping coming back.

Because blog topics are limited only to creativity and brainstorming, if you know what your target audience is looking for, you can find ways to effectively answer their questions and lead them to your website, which is where your time and investment will pay off.

For businesses like Rolling Hills Auto, which is highly focused on purchasing power, it may be hard to grasp why a blog is so important. No, you can’t buy a car on a blog. All you can do is read about it, right? Wrong. It doesn’t just stop there. Statistics prove that blogs are the number one traffic source to websites. And when your website is what puts you in front of your consumer, you want your blog to be as strong as possible.

Rolling Hills Auto knows the importance of their website. It must not only be eye-catching, they must also offer a wealth of information while enticing consumers to visit the car lot, take a test drive and hopefully, drive off with a new car. The problem is, people know that website is there, but what keeps them coming back? Traffic to that website can be capitalized if Rolling Hills Auto kept fueling the fire behind their consumer’s interest. A content rich blog has the power to do just that.

Rolling Hills Auto sell cars, but their blog topics are limitless. A blog is the perfect place to offer reviews on a new car, discuss various features on different models, address concerns about recalls or discuss the benefits of loan opportunities and rebates. Not only will the target keywords and high value content put Rolling Hills at the top of search engine results, but will also put the dealership in the forefront of consumers’ minds as an expert in the industry.

Another way to tap into the conversation and keep the consumers interested is e-newsletters. A free newsletter that is conveniently in your consumer’s inbox catches their attention when they are mostly likely to visit your site. Sharing updates and giving them a heads up about upcoming deals are all easy things to do with an e-newsletter.

Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions knows the power of a great blog and loves thinking of all of the possibilities a blog would create for Rolling Hills Auto and other businesses with strong websites. Contact us today to put blogs to work for your company.

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