Monday Morning Coffee With a Great Cup of Coffee at Hazel’s Gourmet Coffee & Tea Company

Hazels 1Who isn’t on the consistent hunt for the best cup of coffee? We here at SJC are always sipping on coffee; whether it is iced or hot, we love it.

You can drive by Hazel’s Gourmet Coffee & Tea Company all the time and think to yourself, “I need to stop in.” In case you haven’t taken the time to do just that, we think you will find it worth the stop!

The minute you step foot inside Hazel’s, you can imagine some exciting conversations happening or perhaps some late afternoons, spent typing on your laptop and enjoying some delicious coffee. The barista will probably casually say “Hey” from behind the counter and ask what they can make for you.

One of the best things about Hazel’s is how easy going it feels, almost like time stops for you. There can be a line of people, all ready for their morning joe, but it’s busy in a comforting way.

At Hazel’s they are ready to help you find the perfect drink for that day. If you’re looking for something new and healthier to try, ask for a Honey Latte. They make all their coffee drinks with the 100 percent Arabica beans that they roast daily. You can’t beat freshly roasted coffee. Add to that it is made with a smile, and you are sure to start your morning off on the right foot.

So the next time you drive by Hazel’s be sure to stop in, grab a coffee and a seat, and take some time to relax with a friend, a book, or even an SJC blog.

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