Social Media Lessons From a Childhood Friend

Peter Pan 1There has always been a set of written or unwritten rules for the Internet. With the rise in social media, writing the rules, understanding them, and following them has become even more important. Disney movies are a wealth of information and always contain many great lessons. Some of these lessons were important and vital for children to learn and begin practicing right away; whereas others can be valuable to society today.

Here are four social media lessons from Peter Pan:

  1. Be Sure to Provide a Solution
    Michael and John were faced with the problem that Mr. Darling wanted them to grow up quickly. Peter Pan provided the solution of Neverland. On the various social media platforms, it is vital to actually listen to what the audience is saying. Once you understand what their problem is, you can provide the best possible solution for them. Become a reliable source of information and build up that loyalty and trust.
  2. Be a Leader
    Peter Pan teaches Wendy how to fly by taking her by the hand and showing her. Isn’t it so much better to have someone show you where something is, rather than just pointing in the general direction? Quality customer service extends to social media. Direct your audience to exactly where you want them to end up, through links and keywords. When you begin providing great content consistently, your following will begin to grow. The Lost Boys look up to Peter because he earned their trust. Your audience needs to believe that you know what you’re talking about as you begin directing them and telling them where to go.
  3. Be Captivating
    Don’t bore your audience with information that is old and presented in the same way every single time. Tinkerbell always brought a crowd when she began talking. Be sure to share something different with your audience, whether it is the content or perhaps the method by which you are sharing. This will impress your readers and keep them interested in the information you are providing.
  4. Reflect Your Brand
    Peter Pan always chased after his shadow when it ran off. Why? Because he needed it to reflect his movements. Make sure all content is consistent with your brand. This will continue to build your audience’s trust.

Social media requires patience and dedication; but so does customer service. When in doubt, remember that social media is just an extension of your customer service. If you aren’t sure just how that should look, contact Susan J. Campbell today.

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