What You Should Consider for Your B2B to Optimize Marketing Strategies Through Social Media

Social Media 5You know the power of social media in reaching your consumers. With real-time posts, ability to give feedback and mobile availability, it is an obvious choice. But now it is time to consider another way social media is a vital part of your marketing strategies.

Data and feedback from businesses reports that business to business (B2B) communication is increasing due to social media. B2Bs are beginning to capitalize on the fact that connecting with others in their industries in beneficial in creating an overall online persona.

In order to maximize your B2B reach, consider adding the following social media platforms to your marketing strategies:

LinkedIn: It is the number one site for professionals to network. You promote your brand by being a leading source of information about your industry; you showcase assets, awards and capabilities and build relationships. You can also share presentations and links to your blog and website through LinkedIn

Blogs: Not only are blogs the number one source of traffic to your website, but they are customizable platforms where you can create a unique voice for your brand. Blogs give you an opportunity to showcase your expertise, whether by demonstrating a product, giving a review or sharing opinions on news in your industry. Your blog can be used to generate leads, improve your search engine results and give your consumers something to share.

Twitter: Research has shown that Twitter is a viable source for B2Bs, namely because 30 percent of searches by Twitter users are for B2B accounts. It is where companies are going to quickly make connections. Because Twitter messages are in real-time, they provide a fast, timely way to share your message. Tweeting often and actively engaging with other B2Bs is easy and effective.

Your marketing strategy is your best asset and we can help it shine. Let the professionals at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions polish your brand, using the social media tools and tricks we have researched. Contact us today to find out more.

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