Twitter Packs a Mean Punch With Little Messages

Twitter 3Is Twitter really a vital part of your marketing plan? It is hard to imagine that a message that can only be up to 140 characters can be effective, but brands are finding more and more ways to use Twitter to actively engage with consumers on a meaningful level.

Twitter has many advantages, including:

• Providing real time feedback from consumers
• Addressing consumers’ concerns in a timely manner
• Identifying influential clients who are engaged and willing to help share your message
• Tracking which messages are the favorite, retweeted and quoted, giving you insight on what strategies are most effective
• The more your brand name is active on Twitter, the more likely your search engine results will increase

Those advantages aside, how else is Twitter so effective? It helps brands engage with consumers in ways that fit into the daily lives of their clients. Consumers can share their thoughts with brands in a convenient and spur of the moment post, while also directly contacting the brand. Not only are you getting their messages, but all of their followers are seeing your brand name, as well as a link to your profile.

Twitter is also a great way to show off your brand. With the use of creative hashtags, your consumers can do a bulk of advertising for you. Giving them creative ways to engage with your brand is a sure fire way your marketing plan will go further than you can imagine.

While your consumers are on Twitter talking about your brand, they are also providing you with excellent feedback. Use their comments and questions to assess your brand’s strengths and weaknesses.

Twitter will prove to be a worthy element to your marketing plan. At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, social media experts show you how to fully engage with your consumers. Contact (or Tweet!) us today to find out how.

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