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Twitter Packs a Mean Punch With Little Messages

Is Twitter really a vital part of your marketing plan? It is hard to imagine that a message that can only be up to 140 characters can be effective, but brands are finding more and more ways to use Twitter … Continue reading

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Know the Power of the Hashtag

Have you heard the story of the 10-year-old girl who saw “#4” on a sign and asked what “4” stood for? It is a scary thought that because of social media, there are entire generations growing up who will have … Continue reading

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Why #Hashtag? Why #Now?

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The Story of the Hashtag

To some, hashtags come naturally; to others, they are still a mystery as to how it began, how to use them, and what the point of it all is. How about a short and sweet history lesson on hashtags? For … Continue reading

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Hashtag, Hashtag, Hashtag

That pound sign means so much more these days. Twitter has updated it with the hashtag. The shocking (or not so shocking) thing is that the hashtag has crept its way into all sorts of non-digital places. You can see … Continue reading

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You Created a Blog Post, Now What?

You were moved with an inspiring idea to share with your readers, so you created a blog post. Now what? Start sending out your blog post. Here are a few reminder tips for sending out your blog post, but before … Continue reading

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