Does Anybody Want to Read My Blogs? Will They Make a Difference?

Blogs, and more blogs. What was once a somewhat obscure or personal form of communication has become one of the most common platforms your colleagues and customers are using to find information about products, read reviews and form an opinion about your organization. A recent post from TekkBuzz addresses a key question you may be pondering: If I start blogging regularly, will anyone tune in and read what I write? Will it make a difference to my brand strength and ability to connect with my customers?

You bet your blog it will.

Blog platform sites like WordPress and Serendipity – most of them free and user-friendly – have brought the art of blogging into a simple environment that can truly increase your SEO and page rankings. Nearly everyone can write and publish a blog on platforms like WordPress, and the platform also offers publicizing and tracking features that you can use to explore how many people are reading your blog and what they’re clicking on.

There may be plenty of competition for blogs on similar topics that you’ll be blogging about, but there’s still room for you to mix it up and establish yourself as an expert. Try different angles, like a historical snapshot or a “we tried it so you don’t have to” perspective. Think about the core themes and concepts that you can uniquely write about, and topics that you can guide people toward further knowledge. Be sure to incorporate keywords to ensure maximum mileage across social media platforms and to drive traffic right back to your Web site.
Now, get out there and start blogging. Aim for around 200 words and incorporate useful, informative information, even though you’re using a conversational voice. Even if a handful of readers are taking in your pieces at first, the number will surely grow as you match your blogging with other content marketing strategies. The Internet is a huge place indeed, but with unique angles and consistent posting, you’ll claim your share of prime blog-readers’ real estate.

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