To Pinterest or not to Pinterest

What is all this Pinterest commotion?  Why all the hype?  Well, first of all it’s fun.   And secondly, it might just be the next big thing in social media.  Just like most other social media sites, Pinterest started as a way for people to connect  with each other . It is a virtual bulletin board that allows you to keep track of the interesting things found on the internet and share those interesting things with others.   It started as a way to look back at recipes, informational pieces, or instructions on how to plan the perfect wedding.  It has definitely evolved.  Pinterest is all grown up and ready to take on the challenge of making your company visible.

A company doesn’t have to employ a graphic designer  to make this site work for them.  Any photo, video, infographic, or any visual piece can be pinned.  And the beauty is, when someone clicks on any given image, Pinterest automatically directs the viewer back to the site it originated from.  Free advertising that is visually stimulating, fun, and, as an added bonus, it adds to your search engine optimization.

Depending on how you initially categorize the images that you pin, for example “social media humor”, that is how you can be found in the  Pinterest search.  Users choose what topics interest them, so you know that when people are looking for a specific product, they are landing on your pin with purpose.  Because everything you pin, directs them back to your site, this could definitely lead to potential new clients.

It does take a few days to get started with Pinterest.  You have to wait for the anticipated invite, but once you receive it – go crazy. Have fun with it. It is an easy site to navigate so there isn’t a learning curve to get past and it’s a fun way to do business. Social media is constantly growing and changing, and so must your marketing strategy.

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