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Mobile Marketing Has a Solid Position in Every Marketing Strategy

What does every marketing campaign include these days? A focus on social media. How do most people access their social media? Through their mobile devices, which means mobile marketing is here to stay. The rate of mobile phone and smartphone … Continue reading

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Pinterest: The New News Feed?

Experts are reporting that Pinterest has been gaining ground for more than just where to find your next Crockpot meal. Though Facebook and Twitter still own the game as far as sharing news goes, it looks like Pinterest isn’t too … Continue reading

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Pinterest is a Powerful Marketing Platform

Pinterest is a unique spot on the social media spectrum. The site currently attracts 48.7 million users worldwide, most of them female. Used correctly, the site offers marketing advantages to companies looking to promote to female buyers. With the addition … Continue reading

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Are You Pinterest-Ready For The Holidays?

Pinterest was made for retail. It has been mentioned before, but the orders that are funneled through Pinterest result in a larger purchase and there are a significantly higher number of purchases through Pinterest than any other social media. As … Continue reading

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Three Lessons For Content Marketing That Captivates

In the content race it seems as though many companies are throwing out new material just for content’s sake without fully understanding how to make that content work for their brand. In fact, some brands are pushing out multiple content … Continue reading

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How Can Pinterest Launch Your Nonprofit’s Success?

Pinterest is no longer just for the crafty and creative. The former invite-only social media network has become one of the most popular tools for nonprofits and small businesses. The only catch is trying to work Pinterest to maximize their … Continue reading

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Seven Successful Tips For Branding Ideas That Count

Branding ideas don’t have to be hard-nosed tactics. In fact, they can be a plan that is based on having fun and engaging the people that will in turn, grow your business. Okay, so now that you know you can … Continue reading

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Are You Stuck in Your Old Branding Strategy?

Branding doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that starts with knowing what you want your brand to be. Building a branding strategy includes personalization, promotion, and content creation. A recent article highlighted four ways to identify your personal brand and … Continue reading

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What Social Media Platform Is Best for You?

It can be easy to just assume that you need to be on all the major social media platforms. However, it is best to go where your target audience is hanging out. As one would assume, you wouldn’t want to … Continue reading

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Three Tricks For Using Pinterest to Boost Your SEO Ranking

Who would have thought that those hashtags on Pinterest would pay off? Well they do. You’ve probably found that there is a lot of competition out there when trying to rank organically in certain popular markets. Not only are you … Continue reading

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