No Slingshotting: Content Writing Tips to Make Your Readers Yearn for You

You’ve built a great site, and added all the latest widgets and tools to it. You’ve launched your social media campaigns and an eNewsletter – but still, the traffic to your site is more like a leisurely Sunday drive than the rush hour expressway you were hoping for.

Want to build a strong base of site users who will become tangible leads? You already know that well-written content across all your platforms is essential, but here are some suggestions from Copyblogger that will enable your content to really connect with site users and get them to take an action step.

Present a Treat
Each opportunity you give your readers to engage with you should also give them a treat –something to keep them coming back. That treat generates a reward response, and over time, the reader knows that you have something good to offer, that he should open your materials and that it’ll be worth his time.

What Does the Treat Look Like?
Content that feels like a treat to your reader has two objectives: it answers a challenge or
problem about something your reader is interested in, and it is fun or engaging to read. After a few positive experiences, where the content is useful, engaging and not full of junk, your reader looks forward to getting his next treat from you.

Friend Wanted: Must Enjoy Good Talks, Funny Movies
It’s not enough to just have a lot of friends across your social media platforms. You’ve got to act like the kind of business friend people want. Show your expertise in your field, but not in a hoity-toity way. Instead, adopt a casual tone that shares your know-how with a sense of trust and meaning. In other words, you’re straightforward about your knowledge, but you can have fun doing it.

Not a Slingshot, but a Slow Burn
Your content across multiple platforms – such as your social media posts, web writing and your eNewsletters – is all working to build trust and yearning for your product. It’s not going to pelt your reader with a single stone; rather think of your content as delivering great reasons to buy and squelching hesitation through repeated experiences. Share tales of how customers have seen their lives improved because of your product. Create a sense of true need for what you have to offer.

It’s our specialty at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions to help you establish a familiarity between you and your buyer, and then get them to believe in you and enjoy your presence. Doing this first makes your call to action so much more effective, and creates the meaningful traffic you always hoped you’d have.

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