To Blog or Not to Blog Part 2

In part one, we began looking at ways to decide whether or not a blog was a good option for

your company. The remaining five tips should round out the information you need to make an educated decision regarding your blogging future.

Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines
If you want your blogs to be found, you must focus on keywords. The keywords are what will allow readers to locate your blogs in their search for information. You don’t have to overuse the keyword, just make sure to include it within your content.

Always be Honest in Your Conversation and Content
If you can engage your readers in honest conversation, you are one step closer to landing a new customer. Readers will check your information through Snopes or other websites so you should be sure that the person writing your blog doesn’t exaggerate anything.

Watch For News And Ideas That Are Relevant to Your Blog Topics
In order to make your blog successful, you must stay abreast of the rest of the blogging world. Public conversations are a great place to find out what people are thinking about different topics. Make sure you are not blogging about something that happened weeks ago in the business world, always stay current.

Stay Focused and Blog Often With Links Included
The more often you blog, the more readers you will gain. Each blog doesn’t have to be lengthy, just something to let your readers know that you are still there and you still value their opinions. Add links to your products or to other sites that talk about your products. If you have a reader who is researching a specific product or topic, they will appreciate the links you can provide.

Set up Guidelines For Your Blogs
Guidelines and policies will help your company avoid bad publicity which can ruin your credibility. Take time to evaluate everything you blog about before posting it because once it’s out there, the whole world will see it. If you have employees writing blogs for your company, make sure that they don’t show their personal feelings but only stick to the facts regarding the blog they are writing about.

As long as you can follow these guidelines you will be a hit in the world of the bloggers.

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