Consistent Content – Do it Right or Don’t Do it at All

Too often, I will meet with clients who know they need to do something with their website, but they don’t really know where to begin. They also know they need to have a blog or add social media to their strategy, but they’re barely scratching the surface on what they could accomplish. When they ask my opinion, my answer is always to create consistent content. If you can’t keep up to date and consistent in content creation and social media – don’t even waste your time.

This doesn’t mean a huge investment in your online work. In fact, I encourage clients to get engaged with what we are doing for them. We can put their social media strategy together, but they need to be responding to direct posts; they should be engaging the audience; and they should be actively building their brand on these channels. We can always assist – but their role is critical.

Consistent content doesn’t mean that new blogs, articles or even press releases have to be added several times a day, but they should be added several times a week. More importantly, make sure the content included in these pieces are relevant for the audience and are keyword rich. I could spend a lot of time writing about my volunteer work or the room I decorated in my house last week, but that’s not really why you’re here. You don’t want tips on community service or household improvements – that’s not my niche. You come here to learn how to drive more traffic online.

The same is true for our clients in healthcare, mental illness, youth programs, cloud-based technologies, eCommerce and more. Each of these companies has their own niche, their own expertise. Their audience wants to glean knowledge from interacting with these companies – and they want to learn from you, too. If you’re not creating consistent content, those looking to your site for advice will look elsewhere as they have already exhausted your resources. You want to keep them coming back for more.

We can work with you in the creation of your consistent content. As I mentioned earlier, our focus won’t be to capture your entire budget to create as much content as possible. Instead, our goal is to help you create consistent content that is relevant to your audience and drives additional traffic. Want to know more? Contact Susan J. Campbell Copywriting (yes, we are copywriters at heart) Solutions and we’ll show you how.

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6 Responses to Consistent Content – Do it Right or Don’t Do it at All

  1. michael says:

    barely scratching the surface seems to be where a bunch of people are with web design and building websites online – There is so much information but it is all really over-powering. We could all use help and a one stop web page that shows us what we need to do but it always seems that it is a live and learn type of task to learn what we should and should not do…

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