Why Copywriting Services are Better than Freelancers

The benefits of copywriting services include the ability to further your brand, drive traffic, and increase visibility through SEO efforts. Once your business has decided to use this powerful promotional medium, the next decision is whether to use a copywriting services company or to enlist the help of a freelance agent.

The current market trend supports hiring an outside copywriting services company to ensure professional and effective communications that drive results. It used to be more cost-effective for companies to maintain a team whose sole purpose was to handle promotions rather than enlist the help of a pricy PR firm. Nowadays, though, it’s usually less expensive to hire a company specializing in copywriting services than to maintain a full-time staff of content writers.

All companies out there, regardless of how much revenue is generated are looking for ways to cut costs. In a down economy when sales aren’t always as strong as we’d like them to be, cutting costs is a surefire way to help boost profits. By hiring independent contractors who work remotely, companies that provide copywriting services are able to reduce their overhead and pass along savings to their clients.

While using a freelancer could save time and money in the short-term, it’s important to examine the long-term implications of such a decision. The content produced by a freelancer may not be as clean or polished as that originating from copywriting services firms. And, unlike freelancers, copywriting services contract a staff of writers and editors that usually have a lot of PR experience under their belts. These individuals have a better understanding of what it takes to meet client needs and satisfy deadlines because they work with various groups daily.

We know that you have a reputation to live up to, and so do we. Reliability and accountability are important considerations when choosing someone you can trust to consistently deliver results. Don’t leave your content writing to chance; contact the experienced copywriters at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions today.

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5 Responses to Why Copywriting Services are Better than Freelancers

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  2. Mark Weyland says:

    In my opinion, copywriting services could be better for many reasons. Few of them that I think are quite important are:

    1. Industry knowledge and experience
    2. Strategic decision making is more objective
    3. Better output and better results
    4. Better quality of work

    These are very vital factors as to why copywriting services are better than freelancers.

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