Getting the Most Out of Your Copywriting Services

One of the most common questions anyone on the SJC copywriting team gets is, “What exactly do you guys do?” Honestly, unless you’re in advertising, marketing or Internet marketing, you may not be familiar with copywriting. At the very least, you just didn’t know that what you were reading was the result of copywriting services provided by a company like ours.

Any website, press release, brochure or product catalog is created with the use of copywriting services. Talented individuals use their creativity and skill to make words sing. This isn’t just a flowery approach to this type of work. If you think about the last brochure you read, how did you digest the information? Did you get a clear sense of the product or services offered, or were you distracted from the message due to choppy and incomplete content?

Copywriting services play an important part in communicating a message to the consumer base. In fact, well-written copy takes the reader beyond the words, creating an experience where the reader forgets there are words on the page. It tells a story, no matter how brief, and engages the reader to take the next step. When that kind of experience is achieved, opportunities are generated and leads are easily identified.

The question posed today is how you can get the most out of your copywriting services – assuming you already outsource your content or are considering making this move. Simply identifying someone able to write content is not enough; this individual, or team of individuals, needs to know how to weave the words into a story that conveys your message in a way that generates action. The message talks to the psyche and touches on the emotion, identifying a connection and offering a solution.

Identify Your Goals

To get the most out of your copywriting services, clearly identify your goals. What do you hope to accomplish with the writing? Are you seeking to gain followers with a blog? Do you want to generate leads with social media? Have you developed a strategy for design, execution and measurement?

Outline Your Process

Next, outline your process. If you are hiring a copywriting services provider, how will that process be managed? Do you have an individual in-house who will manage the relationship, assign the projects, edit for accuracy and professionalism and then post according to your strategy? If not, can these services be provided by your copywriting services provider?

Be Open to New Ideas

Chances are, the copywriting services provider you select has extensive experience in the field and can offer suggestions based on your strategy and goals. A proven provider in this space will advise you on what will work best for your brand and your market and not what will fill their own pipeline. They know their performance will be measured and will plan to perform accordingly.

Repurpose and Measure

Anything created for your brochures, booklets, press releases and media coverage can be repurposed for posting on a blog, within your social media networks and more. Consult with your copywriting services provider to learn how one piece of content can be turned into many and pushed out for optimal impact. Measure the results, make adjustments and then push out again.

Beware of Bargain Basement Pricing

The copywriting world is full of providers offering bargain basement pricing. Remember that talented individuals with a knowledgebase in your field, marketing and copywriting will deliver the most value. The cheap always ends up more expensive and your brand is on the line. Look for the best value, not the lowest price.

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