Monday Morning Coffee with Jodie O’Brien

In the past, our Monday Morning Coffee blog was dedicated to featuring members of our team and writing about what they bring to the table. When each person had been highlighted, we moved on to featuring local businesses and organizations we felt were going above and beyond when it came to marketing, social media or service to the community.

Now, we’ve added another new team member; someone we expect will help us expand into new areas and make video production a reality for our clients. We’re excited about this new avenue and anticipate much success with this new addition to the SJC team.

If you ask people how they know our newest team member Jodie O’Brien, they may say “She was our evening news anchor” or “Jodie worked for our local food bank raising money for hungry kids.” However, they may also know her simply as Mom; to her three beautiful children, Logan (10), Aiden (3) and Emma Grace (1). Regardless of what context folks know O’Brien, all are confident of one thing: she is ‘a breath of fresh air.”

O’Brien has a diversity of experience which brings a refreshment to our conference room table. A Rochester, NY native, she graduated in 2003 from the University of Missouri-Columbia’s award-winning School of Journalism, with an emphasis on Broadcast Journalism; however she also holds a degree from Mizzou’s School of Arts and Sciences in Religious Studies. As you can imagine, the merging of these two passions led to some interesting news stories following the 9/11 attacks.

Kirksville, Missouri and KTVO-ABC3 were home to the reporter, producer and news anchor for nearly five years. O’Brien reported on everything from drought conditions to fatal plane crashes, while developing a keen sense of what truly matters to television viewers.

Non-profit fundraising and public relations experience round O’Brien out to be quite the jack-of-all-trades.

Place a video camera in her hand, and the story tells itself. O’Brien has an eye for necessary shots which touch the human heart, but this journalist also has a way with words. As we expand our marketing and communications business into HD video production, Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions welcomes this true talent to our team.

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