Can I Afford Content Marketing? Introducing the 52 Points Principle

Right now, a competing organization is reaching the “52 points principle” and capturing leads you could have for your business, while seeing their marketing costs decrease.

Many organizations ask themselves “can I afford content marketing? And should I?” and the answer, more than ever, is yes. In fact, in today’s environment, organizations can’t afford not to invest in content marketing.

As explained in an article form the Content Marketing Institute, there’s a 52-points principle at work here. At 52 points of contact or information achieved through content marketing tools, site hits and results from content marketing take a noticeable shift toward traffic and leads. In just a few months’ time, organizations can well exceed 52 points of contact because content marketing recycles information and builds upon itself. Furthermore, the posts, blogs, videos, emails and other elements are more direct and more targeted than traditional online ads in terms of connecting with your desired audience.

Why is content marketing affordable?
– Control and flexibility. Optimizing on a keyword list, utilizing blogs that highlight specific information about your product or service and changing out your social media tools to meet shifting consumer interest makes content marketing one of the most affordable ways to engage in marketing. You’re in charge of who you reach, and when, compared to more traditional advertising methods.
– Content marketing makes a serious impact on your search engine rankings. Today you can say yes to the question “can I afford content marketing” because with a planned strategy and the use of varied platforms, you’ll see results. Organizations that combine social media, video, blogging and other tools consistently get higher search engine rankings and new leads – especially important because at least 84 percent of consumers expect to be able to find information and interact with an organization online.
– The cost goes down as the results go up. As you carry out your content marketing strategy, your number of “impressions” or traffic points across blogs, strategic linking, social media conversations and video mean you build a strong bank of information to capture and drive traffic to your organization.

Here’s another great way to answer the question “can I afford content marketing?” In less than six months’ time, the price for creating a lead using content marketing tools drops by around 80 percent.

It’s true. There’s nothing like an effective content marketing strategy to see results climb, costs drop and your consumer base begin advocating for you without being asked. Start today.


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