Simple Strategies for Successfully Rebranding Your Company’s Social Media Profiles

Are your social media profiles in line with your current business strategy? Oftentimes we make important business updates and forget to reflect those changes in our social networks. But a total overhaul of social media profiles isn’t always necessary. Instead, consider a few key things before making the decision to undergo a full-fledged rebranding effort.

According to an article featured at the Social Media Examiner online, rebranding may only be required in select instances. Companies that are being overhauled due to antiquated business practices or those undergoing structural changes such as a merger may benefit from rebranding their social media profiles. Another instance where rebranding is appropriate is when an organization is completely changing its product line.

If any of these situations apply to you, it may be time to consider rebranding as an option. Here are a couple simple steps to get you started:

Conduct Proper Background Research. If at all possible, make certain to snatch up both the domain name and Twitter username that matches the name of your new brand. As Netflix found out when it partnered with Quikster but failed to clench the @Quikster Twitter handle, users spewing negative information with your name will most certainly result in damage to your reputation. Focus groups can also be helpful for revealing any underlying issues with rebranding that may not be immediately apparent.

Familiarize Yourself with Shortfalls. For instance, on Facebook and YouTube it’s not possible to simply change an identity associated with social media profiles already in place. In order to complete a name change, Facebook requires a new page be created once a user acquires 200 likes. This process is meant to circumvent the buying and selling of fans, but creating a new page can result in loss of followers. YouTube users also can’t just alter their usernames – however, they can ‘mask’ a previous channel’s content with an updated URL.

Nobody understands the ground rules for reshaping social media profiles quite like the experts at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Services. Let our copywriters show you how to effectively rebrand your image with minimal downtime and disruption; call today.


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