Monday Morning Coffee with Offsite Image Management: Technology No One Else is Doing, in Places They Aren’t Going…

offsitePlanning on traveling in some off-the-beaten-path areas of Missouri, Kansas or even rural Texas? The team at Offsite Image Management likely knows the best place for coffee on most two-lane highways across these regions. Although they may serve primarily a rural and mid-sized client base, there’s nothing slow or “off the map” about the technology solutions they’re supplying to impact patients’ lives – solutions in the precise places where clinics and hospitals need them most.

In fact, if you want to chat about DICOM for health information exchange, Level 4 Data Centers and vendor neutral archiving, do so over coffee with the Offsite Image Management Team. If you also want to talk about ways to offer solutions no one else is offering, and how to implement a very personal knowledge of the problems clinics and hospitals face, they’re also your guys.

For clinics and hospitals who are charged with managing, storing and sharing volumes of radiological data and images for patients, data security and safety is paramount. Should disaster strike, thousands of patient images and records could be lost without data recovery service from Offsite. The technology can also be scaled to match the needs of larger health institutions.

Perhaps of even greater importance is the expertise Offsite Image Management has in vendor neutral archiving, allowing hospitals and clinics to instantly call up, view and share critical patient records from anywhere. The solution is part of the company’s complete Level 4 Data Center capacity. As a hospital or clinic system grows and adds new technology, patient data and images remain intact and compatible across multiple platforms.

Company founder and CEO, Lasha Dalakishvili, knows first-hand how important these services are.  Dalakishvili worked for more than fifteen years in the field, including as a radiological technician and has owned two radiological imaging companies. His partners have outstanding healthcare IT expertise, and together, they offer something else no one else is doing: a Health Information Exchange for radiology images in DICOM format. Because it’s placed within a vendor neutral format, clinics have the flexibility to search patient records regardless of where they came from or where they’re going.  This means greater precision for data sharing and saving precious time when providing patient care.

At the heart of the growth of Offsite Image Management’s client base is a reflection of the team’s focus on relationships. “We get to know people and what their data challenges are on a personal level,” says Dalakishvili. “There’s an element of trust there.”

Building these relationships involves custom marketing, based mainly on press releases and email news. They capture leads at events and tradeshows and then send these contacts valuable, permission-based email information regularly to grow their lead base. “We talk about the topics they want to know more about, the areas where we have the key expertise they need. This gives us a special niche.”

As they continue to grow, logging the miles from state to state, The Offsite Image Management team hasn’t lost sight of building meaningful relationships and giving customers valuable information.  Now that’s something to write home about, wherever you call home.

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