Effective Web Sites: Graphic Designer or Web Designer? They Must Work Together

8347041_mWeb designers and graphic designs are birds of the same feather.

Essentially, both are talented artists working with different sets of rules. Web designers are just that, they design with the Internet in mind. It’s pretty self explanatory yet not that simple. These artists are not only responsible for the aesthetics of a site but the importance of the content and how it drives customer traffic.

Graphic designers on the other hand are probably the more creative of the two. They work primarily in print form which allows their fully talent to be showcased. There is no hindrance of colors, font styles or bold and graphic images.

This is probably where the two split the most. One design cannot be transferred to the other. What works well on a half-page add in a glossy magazine doesn’t appeal to the visitors of the company’s website. Sometimes flashy color combinations can get lost not only the text but the point of the information being presented to the readers.

It is usually the job of the web designer to find this happy medium. And when web and graphic designers work together there is often a serious personality clash. The graphic designer often looks at websites as boring, mundane and missing personality. Web designers see many print works as too much fluff and illusion and lack fluidity.

Yet to have a successful web page, both need to compromise on five key elements: ideas, focus, style, standards and output. Web designers should be able to take a concept of the graphic designer and run with it. Graphic designers will need to keep in mind, though, that less is more. Presentation has to be about the readers and not about the artist’s work. Doing this is an art form of its own and web designers have the sole rights to it. Unlike their graphic designer counterparts, web designers understand more than the artistry behind a good design. They understand the logistics of computer programming to make it all work in one cohesive piece.

Finally, the two must work together with the key project lead, whether that is the marketing director within the solutions company or the main contact at the client’s location. Regardless, there are key marketing initiatives that must be met with everything that is completed online. Without a strong background in these areas, the web developer and the graphic designer may fall short of hitting the mark and delivering the results the client needs.

Without clear harmony among this team, the end result will fail to reach the level of excellence expected by the client. Ultimately, the client needs to receive the best solutions possible for their investment, guided by the marketing expert. Anything less can damage the brand on both sides.

Are you getting the best return on your online and marketing investments? If not, it may be time to make a change.

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