Firms Over Freelancers: An Effective Business Solution

10361713_mMore often than not, two hands are better than none. Such is the case of choosing between a web design firm or a freelance web designer. Both are viable options in today’s marketplace but which one is the most reliable and affordable to your company? The subtle differences wouldn’t warrant choosing one over the other but there are several major differences that are definite deal breakers. For help in the process, we called upon this Burns Design article.

When you hire a web design firm there is a natural sense of security that comes along with brick and mortar. Seeing an office and employees somehow gives the job accountability. There are tangible people capable of handling your project and available afterward if there is a problem. While it’s not always the case, freelance designers can subconsciously put off the flaky vibe. One person is much more difficult to track down than a business and storefront.

Besides reassurance, web design firms can have more resources which means better products for reasonable fees. Unlike their freelance web designer counterpart, firms tend to have a larger client base. This means steady revenue streams that can be allocated to the latest software and platforms. This also equates to a better website for a lower price. Freelance designers tend to not take on too much. They usually take pride in what they do and produce a quality produce but not high quantity product.

But they have to make a living. The lower volume of traffic coming through the door means freelancers will have to charge more per project. Web design firms take on numerous projects because their staff can handle it. This allows them to base a price on that alone. And what about work after the initial website is created? There’s always going to be tweaking, new information and regular maintenance? A web design firm will obviously cater to those needs and have the man power to follow through with those specific tasks. A freelancer may not have the time to tidy up a completed site and may even be difficult to reach following a completed assignment.

Choosing between a web design firm and a freelance designer is more than just a personal preference; it is a serious business decision, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Need a little help in the process? Give SJC a call and we’ll help you weed through the details.

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