Content Consumption: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, but in Moderation

16655153_mAs we prepare for the New Year’s dinner, we are all too familiar with that feeling of gluttony – eating too many sweets, rolls, treats, and snacks that didn’t add anything to our lives except inches on our waistlines. Why do we do it – time and time again? We get suckered-in because those tantalizing treats are right under our noses, enticing and readily available even though we know we should just walk away.

Per an article found at, content consumption is much the same. There are so many people out there vying for a slice of our attention that it’s hard to decide which guilty pleasure to consume. However, not everyone’s motives are pure, and sifting through the junk food to get to the meat takes some pause and consideration.

If we signed up for every 30-day trial, free download, or gratis gift we were offered, our email and phone inboxes would freeze from all the spam. Unfortunately, not all that glitters is gold. Content consumption might give you a stomachache if it is an overt attempt to sell something, leads to 100 additional offers and endless junk mail, or doesn’t at all align with your goals or field of business.

Nobody has time to sift through a sea of chocolates and promises that don’t deliver. If the offer doesn’t supply you with an obvious value proposition then it’s time to ask yourself if the content consumption is worth the calories.

When searching for palatable sweets, it may be wise to eat from the plates of known experts who indeed have something worth sharing, and only partake with those who are humble enough to elevate the information being shared rather than the company delivering the message. And, content consumption should always be preceded by an evident learning objective – something valuable to be gained.

If you’re ready to walk away from the empty calories and sink your teeth into something more substantial, it may be time to give the copywriters at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions a call. Reserve your content consumption for only the tastiest of treats. For a full menu of services, contact us today.

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