Monday Morning Coffee with Susan

BlogA Storm is Coming – Why Not Write a Blog?

During the holiday weeks, it’s easy to sit back, enjoy all the wonderful food, procrastinate on determining New Year’s resolutions (especially those that address all the good food you’ve been eating), visit with friends and family and simply enjoy the time off. Now that a storm is settling across the Midwest, business is slowing down for the day. While I am all for putting the computer or tablet down and enjoying the non-screen time, the slower time is a great time to write a blog.

You know you have information to share with others regarding your industry. You know that you lead the pack when it comes to expertise and qualifications – but do your prospective customers know that? Yes, you can spend a lot of time and money telling them these things through traditional advertising, but today’s consumer is much more savvy than just a few years ago. It’s not enough to promise the world – today you have to deliver. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is and show them what you know.

A blog is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge in your respective industry, without telling people that’s what you are doing. In other words, this isn’t a platform to list out your credentials and fill a page with why an individual or a company should hire you. Instead, it’s your opportunity to share your knowledge and provide value to the reader. The blog should be about helping your target audience accomplish a goal, not touting the virtues you bring to the table.

If writing is not your strength, there are plenty of professionals who can accomplish the goal for you. Simply set aside the time to jot down your ideas, put your thoughts on paper. If you fill a couple of pages, you’ve just written the outline for a series – something that will bring readers back for more. If you only have an outline, provide your writer with access to additional information so he or she can fill in the gaps. Don’t worry – it’s what they do best.

The important point here is not so much the topic at hand, but instead the mindset. Put your valuable knowledge into digestible nuggets your audience will enjoy. You may even find that you like the process. When you start to hear potential clients refer to your blog as a source of valuable insight, you know you’ve done your job well and you’ll start to see the effort pay off.

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