Join My Forest, Change Your Life: Meet Mosaic Life Care

mosaicWant to be part of my forest?

This is a meaningful – albeit quirky – question you may see in 2013 across your social media networks, and it has little to do with going for a hike. Instead, it has everything to do with considering your total health and wellness from a fresh new perspective.

“Want to be part of my forest?” refers to a request to get involved with a friend or coworker’s Mindbloom Life Game, an interactive, online resource that is one of the tools offered by Mosaic Life Care. Mindbloom and Mosaic Life Care encourage participants to look at managing their physical health, emotional wellness and total well-being (called life care) based around a set of aspirations or goals they create. Similar to popular online farming activities, the technology allows participants to input steps toward reaching their goals by logging in and adding water or sunlight to their forest, while visibly seeing their goals take shape as the tree grows.  Inviting others to participate in the step-by-step actions that create a Mindbloom forest helps build a sense of community and inspiration.


Mosaic Life Care is affiliated with Heartland Health, a 2009 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Ceremony winner and a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. A series of Mosaic Life Care clinics have been recently opened across the Kansas City, Mo., metro region and the St. Joseph Mo., metro region. From the first step into a Mosaic Life Care center, the total experience says something different is going to happen here.  You’ll be greeted with an abundance of natural light, perhaps a soothing centerpiece fountain, and an undeniably refreshing atmosphere.

Mosaic Life Care reflects national trends in total healthcare that combine aspects like physical health, career goals, financial wellness, relationship strength and spirituality for a customized, unique life plan that helps people take steps toward total and lasting life change. The results are aimed at putting in place the steps and systems that will create a healthy, vibrant future for participants – which in turn, can help prevent chronic physical and mental health challenges that could occur later.

A Mosaic Life Care visit connects you with a Life Guide or a Life Coach, and you begin to set your own wellness goals across core areas. Primary care is certainly a strong and professional element, but is tied closely to the other areas of health. Through innovative videos, community pop-up events at Mosaic Life Care centers and the ability to join Mindbloom online, the philosophy behind Mosaic Life Care is spreading with a creative sense of outreach that aligns well with its mission.

For businesses, this philosophy can be extended to complete wellness programs, life coaching, disease and care management and more. According to Harvard Business Review, employee wellness programs are paying off, especially when they connect the dots between primary health, emotional health and areas like social/relational health and well-being.

So, want to join my forest?  Act now, and live a better life tomorrow.

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